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Image of FOCUS ST // TB Performance Crossmember Brace

FOCUS ST // TB Performance Crossmember Brace


The TB Crossmember Brace is engineered to connect & reinforce the subframe to the chassis… thus strengthening the entire setup.

The exhaust tunnel creates a weakness in most any chassis. Think of it like - folding a piece of cardboard in half. There will always be loss of rigidity & strength at that crease, right? Well - when you hard-corner a car, there is a lot of flex/stress/deflection at that point where the subframe bolts to the chassis. It’s a hot spot. And to respond - the TB Crossmember Brace replaces the puny factory 2-piece stamped sheet-metal design on the FoST, with a single ‘A-frame’ brace that has MUCH more structural reinforcement. The TB Crossmember Brace will tighten the chassis, and improve turn-in & consistency.

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